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What is Social Login

Social login is an attractive feature for developers and businesses that can help streamline consumer verification while also providing more reliable data access for personalization.

What is Social Login

Social login, also termed as social sign-in or social sign-on, allows your consumers to login and register with a single click on a website or mobile application using their existing accounts from various social providers. It simplifies the sign-in and registration experiences, providing a convenient alternative method to create an account where it is mandatory.

  • For consumers, social login is a single-click login method for accessing the website and mobile application—one that there is no need for excess credentials and allows consumers to skip traditional registration methods.
  • Social login is an attractive feature for developers and businesses that can help streamline consumer verification while also providing more reliable data access for personalization.

Why Should Businesses Use Social Login

Social login and registration provide benefits in various ways:

  • Log in via a third-party web page or Facebook or Google accounts can be done with just a few clicks on the button. This is a much faster way to access the sites and mobile applications than filling out the complete registration form as in traditional login.
  • Social login reduces the effort to remember passwords, which means people don’t need to create and keep track of more credentials, lessening password fatigue and login failure.


  • Consumers feel more comfortable sharing the data via the social platform on which they already have trust compared to unknown sites. Social login provides a recognizable, uniform method of account logging.
  • Data collection can be automated. Each time a visitor logs in on the site, our APIs retrieve the consumer’s updated profile information.

How is Social Login Useful for Business

By providing the social login on your site, consumers and visitors can experience a better UX/UI. Almost everyone is perpetually logged in on their social accounts, especially to their Facebook and Google accounts, sites, and apps (ecommerce or otherwise).

The following are a few benefits of social login for businesses:

  1. Visitors can save time by not requiring them to create yet another profile.
  2. Increase the chances of converting leads to consumers and speed up the business/sale by doing #1.
  3. Speed up consumer service and support.
  4. Data collection of visitors and consumers can be automated to build profiles and personas.
  5. Personalize the site for visitors and run future promotions using info gathered by doing automation.
  6. Trust can be created by showing visitors and consumers reviews of your product written by their friends/family on the social network they use to log in.
  7. Increase reach, generate brand awareness, and build communities by harnessing various social platforms.
  8. Also, businesses can run loyalty and referral programs with social invites.

How to Implement Social Login

Social Login can be implemented with the following method:


In this article, we talked about applying a Social Login on consumers websites and how it will enhance businesses. This feature allows consumers to login via social providers and removes the hassle to remember new passwords for different websites. However, before implementing any functionality on a website, analyze and consider the pros and cons from every possible angle.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Which is the most popular social login?

According to the Consumer Identity Trend Report 2022, 26.84% of users prefer social login. And Facebook login is the most popular social login method.

  1. What is a social login app?

Social login enables you to authenticate your users on your website or application using their existing social media profiles on your website or application. The most common social media platforms for login include Facebook, Gmail, Instagram, etc.

  1. What data do you get with social login?

Social login provides you with a deep insight into your customer behavior and preferences that helps you create personalized customer journeys and aggressive marketing campaigns.

  1. How much does social login cost?

Depending on the business requirements and platform preferences, your platform's social login integration price varies. You can get a quick quote from our sales team to know the exact prices for your business needs.

  1. How to use Facebook for social login?

Facebook login can be integrated with your website or mobile application for seamless login by using the LoginRadius CIAM.


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