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How to Use Twitter for B2B Marketing in 2021

Twitter accounts are becoming quite popular, with 82% of companies using Twitter for B2B marketing. Here are some ways to use this network to capitalize on new partnerships and customer relationships. Read this blog also to learn how to create a solid B2B Twitter marketing plan.

Twitter launched way back in 2006 and hasn't undergone any radical changes like its counterparts, such as TikTok and Facebook. But it's very much a part of B2B social media marketing strategies.

Research by the Content Marketing Institute tells that 82% of B2B content marketers use Twitter for running marketing campaigns.

Here is a word of caution, though. Twitter has made significant changes in its interface in the past few months.

Suppose you want to boost your social media marketing performance, attract a new set of audiences, or retain the existing ones. In that case, you need to understand the changing dynamics in social media marketing.

Here are three ways to tweak your Twitter marketing strategy and achieve your high-level B2B lead generation goals.

Top 3 Ways Twitter Can Rock B2B Marketing

1. Twitter for lead generation

Twitter may not be the best platform for posting long articles, but it supports short, quick, and interactive reads that attract the audience's attention. Quizzes, assessments, and polls are some of the best B2B lead generation strategies available on Twitter.

Interactive content allows B2B marketers to gain a comprehensive understanding of customers. This information helps nurture the relationship into a robust and long-lasting one.

Twitter has recently purchased "Revue" which is a newsletter tool designed especially for curating content. The best part is that it allows writers to monetize their audience.

So, if you are a B2B marketer who has hundreds of high-quality articles, you have struck a goldmine. But don't worry if you don't invest time and effort in writing. You can publish ads on newsletters written by famous personalities who have millions of subscribers.

Experts suggest that "Revue" will open up multiple revenue streams in the coming days, allowing companies to make good use of their marketing dollars.

2. Twitter for brand awareness

The primary purpose of business to business advertising is to build brand awareness and accumulate a significant following.

Twitter has emerged as a powerful medium for reaching out to other companies. But there are some facts that you need to know to better design your Twitter marketing strategy.

Firstly, about 80% of users use Twitter through mobile devices. It means that you should avoid using PDF as it's challenging to view on small screens. Secondly, you shouldn't try cramming messages into 280 characters. Instead, you can post bite-sized content like short videos, short summaries of long-form content, or quotes by famous personalities.

Do you know that the average lifespan of a tweet is just 15 minutes? This data becomes even more crucial when you come to know that your potential audience is spread over multiple time zones.

Well, the easiest way to give wings to your Twitter B2B marketing strategy is to tweet as much as possible every day.

Ten tweets a day seems to be a good number, according to some experts. One of the best ways to gain more out of your Twitter marketing strategy is to use "Fleets."

It's equivalent to Facebook's "Stories" that appear for 24 hours and make a lasting impression on those who see them.

3. Twitter for community building

Community building is emerging as an essential B2B online marketing strategy. Many statistics provide testimony to this fact.

A study found out that 32% of B2B marketers work in organizations with established online communities, and 27% are looking forward to doing the same in the next 12 months.

These statistics show that social media marketing has drastically changed in the past few years from "one to many" blasts to "one to one" business marketing tools.

Twitter B2B marketing strategists report that most business comes through these "one to one" tools that include Direct Messages (DM) and comments.

Twitter's new feature "Communities" allows businesses to build, as the name suggests, communities of like-minded people and define conversations the way they want.

Although Twitter had initially come up with a similar concept called "Topics," it didn't work well. Analysts hope that "Communities" sees the light at the end of the tunnel and emerges as one of the best Twitter B2B marketing tools.


Each of the three marketing strategies explained in this article will help you generate significant leads. But it wouldn’t help if you implement them without rigorously analyzing their pros and cons.

Firstly, you should check whether the Twitter B2B marketing strategies are aligned with your social media marketing strategy. Secondly, assess whether you have the resources and expertise to deal with businesses. And then, you are good to go!


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