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Top 10 Retail Banking Technologies

As more retail banks are realizing the benefits of investing in new technologies, CIO’s are continuing to focus on both digital transformations and operational optimization. The emerging technologies that are receiving a lot of attention in the industry include the solutions that allows for a self-serve model, which reduces costs and provides a better customer experience.

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20 Months of System Availability

LoginRadius is proud to announce that our CIAM platform has maintained 100% availability for the last 20 months, living up to our industry leading guarantee of 99.999% uptime on a monthly basis. System availability and peak load handling capabilities are the two most important elements to ensure an uninterrupted customer experience.

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4 Things to Consider When Starting a Digital Transformation

Everywhere you look, companies are announcing plans to undergo digital business transformations. The problem they are facing, however, is deciding where to start. A recent study by Gartner found that 66% of leaders have plans for a digital transformation, but only 11% are actually able to achieve it at scale. And the reason for these poor results? A whopping 57% of organizations are struggling to find a starting point for their transformation.

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