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BroadcastMed, a LoginRadius Customer Success Story

For over 20 years, BroadcastMed has been innovating digital strategies for healthcare providers and organizations. They work with the best brands in healthcare to help them develop and deliver relevant video-based learning content for physicians and other healthcare professionals.

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Top 5 Business Objectives That cIAM Solves

The marketplace is changing; customer expectation is now astronomical in terms of the user experience. Businesses are now having to focus on transformational initiatives in order to remain competitive regardless of industry. One way to accomplish a digital transformation, and provide customers with a seamless experience, is adopting a cIAM solution.

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Why Single Sign-on is important for unified customer experience?

Customers today are like the protagonist panda Po from the movie Kung Fu Panda. Businesses tend to think of them as just dormant pandas but if you have seen the movie, that would be a huge mistake. And like Po, customers today are empowered by the Dragon Scroll, that is the Web. Too much of an analogy? Let’s just talk in plain business customer terms then.

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