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Top 5 Business Objectives That cIAM Solves

The marketplace is changing; customer expectation is now astronomical in terms of the user experience. Businesses are now having to focus on transformational initiatives in order to remain competitive regardless of industry. One way to accomplish a digital transformation, and provide customers with a seamless experience, is adopting a cIAM solution.

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Phishing for Identity

Phishing attacks are on the rise, and they are unfortunately more sophisticated than ever. In the past, identity theft could be seen as a common subject in blockbusters or police drama TV series. Today, however, Phishing is a reality that could affect anyone.

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17 Productivity Tools That Will Give You Your Time Back

It’s no secret that these days, we’re digitally overwhelmed, and it directly affects our ability to focus on tasks. That’s why we came up with this handy list of 17 productivity tools to help you get (at least some of) that time back! All the searching has been taken care of my friends, so enjoy!

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