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An Introduction To Digital Identity

How often do people acknowledge basic yet important existential things in world? Rarely! Our digital identity is something similar. Wondering how? Read here

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Omnichannel Marketing through the Single Customer View

The omnichannel marketing is no longer a luxury or perspective but a mainstream business imperative for companies operating multiple channels. However, businesses can adopt an omnichannel approach only when they have a high level single customer view through centralized customer profile data.

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Why Customer Identity Management is key to the future of Marketing?

You already know this from experience but, just for the sake of a good start to this post, let’s begin by saying that technology today is deeply woven into marketing so much so that without tech, marketing makes for a weak and unimpressive rag. Use of martech is increasing by the day and it should considering the marketing landscape has already transitioned from offline to online. But then transition is not complete when adaptation is not throughout.

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