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LoginRadius Releases Consumer Identity Trend Report 2022, Key Login Methods Highlighted

As a company strongly focused on CIAM, LoginRadius analyzed its global customers over the past year and compiled over 40 unique trends in its annual Consumer Identity Trend report 2022.

Rakesh Soni
By Rakesh Soni
April 27, 2022
2 min read

LoginRadius CIAM Platform

Our Product Experts will show you the power of the LoginRadius CIAM platform, discuss use-cases, and prove out ROI for your business.

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IAM vs. Customer IAM: Understanding the Role of CIAM in Accelerating Business Growth

A CIAM can be scaled in real-time depending on the load and number of users accessing the services from a single platform. On the other hand, the traditional IAM can’t deliver results for large-scale deployments. Let’s understand why organizations should switch to customer IAM and how it’s helping businesses stay ahead of the curve.

Rakesh Soni
By Rakesh Soni
November 03, 2022
3 min read

Why MFA Fatigue Attacks May Soon Be Your Worst Nightmare?

MFA fatigue attacks bypass MFA by bombarding a user with multiple login attempts. The account owner accepts the MFA prompt out of desperation or annoyance, leading to an account takeover. Let’s learn how organizations can gear themselves to shield against these attacks.

Deepak Gupta
By Deepak Gupta
October 31, 2022
3 min read

How To Use Identity To Make Your Customers Feel Safe And Empowered?

It goes without saying that excellent UX can improve conversion rates, reduce churn and increase adoption rates. In this blog post, we'll help you figure out how to use digital identity to improve your relationships with customers and make them feel more confident in their interactions with you.

Srishti Singh
By Srishti Singh
October 28, 2022
4 min read

InfoSec Director, Alok Patidar Answers Your Most Difficult Questions on Cybersecurity

Every organization has unique needs, which means each one has to be protected in its own way. Therefore, we asked Alok Patidar to chip in. As the Director of Information Security at LoginRadius, he’s dedicated his career to helping businesses protect themselves from cyber criminals.

Vishal Sharma
By Vishal Sharma
October 28, 2022
5 min read

Understanding MITRE ATT&CK Framework?

Introduced in 2013 by MITRE, the ATT&CK (Adversarial Tactics, Techniques & Common Knowledge) is a way to describe adversarial behaviors expressed in matrices. The matrices contain different techniques and tactics associated with the usual behavior of attackers before they try to sneak into a network.

Alok Patidar
By Alok Patidar
October 28, 2022
2 min read

Identity Fabric vs. Zero Trust: Is One a Better Alternative Than The Other?

Identity fabric and zero trust are two different ways of managing business resources, one focusing on identity and the other on data. This blog will help you understand the difference between the two approaches and their benefits for your organization's security strategy.

Sudhanshu Agarwal
By Sudhanshu Agarwal
October 27, 2022
5 min read

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