Top 10 Tech Stories Of August 2016

Changes are universal in this rapidly evolving technical world. But what’s important is how well you keep yourself updated with these alterations of the market. And for people who belong to this IT world, it is difficult to have all of the latest information on hand as they are already very busy with their schedules. That’s why this round up post is here, combining all of the daily social news which I think is important for every business owner and marketer.

Top 10 Tech Stories Of August 2016

So grab a coffee and let’s catch up on the most essential reads for the month of August as this detailed roundup is made after doing all of the searching, weeding, reading and cross-checking. And yeah, believe me, you won’t be missing out on anything.

So let’s start our quick roundup:

#1 Instagram finally crosses the breaches and reached to 1 billion installs!

Whoa! August proved to be a great month for Instagram. Instagram finally crossed the breaches and reached to 1 billion app installs on Google Play store, as noticed by Android Police.

Well this is indeed great news for photo lovers as their favourite photo sharing app with this amazing hike in downloads has become the fourth Facebook-owned app that has reached the milestone (following Facebook itself, Whatsapp and Messenger.)

#2 WhatsApp Announces Change to Privacy Policy, Will Share Data with Facebook

WhatsApp Announces Change to Privacy Policy, Will Share Data with FacebookWell, here is one more change in WhatsApp’s privacy policy to enable more information flow between WhatsApp and its parent company, Facebook.

It has been noted that WhatsApp will now start sharing phone numbers and analytics data of its users with Facebook and has made its first step towards business opportunities. I personally think this is the biggest news for the month- It is surprising that in the long span of 4 years, this is the first time that WhatsApp has changed its terms and policies.

So, get a deeper insight into this announcement  here.

#3 Now play with Emojis in your Twitter name and bio

Wow! Twitter never lose a single chance to amaze its users. At the month’s end, Twitter made an interesting update and now it is allowing users to add Emojis in their Twitter bio and name.

So, Twitter lovers are now making their bios equally as stunning as their tweets with twitter’s text editing tool. Get the detailed story here.

#4 Beware! Google is soon to penalize sites using pop-up ads, specially the lightbox ones!

So, now what’s in Google headlines? Hold on readers, Google has made an exquisite announcement to push their craving for perfect mobile experience.

To make finding content a lot easier, Google will make some changes and will punish those mobile sites that are having intrusive interstitials like unwanted popup ads and email capture lightboxes.

Apart from these two major changes this announcement has much more to offer. So get the full update from here.

#5 Now clean up your notifications tab with the latest Quality filter feature by Twitter

From now onwards Twitter will let you filter your low quality notifications from your notification tab. This new filter is a tool to hide notifications from bots and repeated tweets from spammers.

This new feature will surely improve the quality of tweets you see by using a variety of signals. The process to activate this new feature is described here.

#6 The popular SEO platform now acquired by ScribbleLive 

The popular SEO platform now acquired by ScribbleLiveToronto-based content marketing platform ScribbleLive is acquiring the tools for organic search optimization to its growing content marketing arsenal of algorithms.

This new purchase of ScribbleLive offers the first biggest alignment of organic search and content marketing software although its terms and policies were not made public.

See what’s more in this newly made purchase here.

#7 Hurrah! No 3-ads-per-page-limit to AdSense! Limits removed!

Another major update from Google will remove the policy of limiting Adsense ads to three ads per page. It is seen that growing popularity of mobile on which pages are a non ending stream where such limitations seems to have no worth.

So the month of August has brought two major alterations for Google. Along with penalizing sites that are having Pop up ads Google made this announcement all together. So just wait and see what’s the reaction.

#8 Now DM your friends from your website with Twitter’s new button

Now DM your friends from your website with Twitter's new buttonThe grand success of Whatsapp and Messenger having more than a billion users per month inspired Twitter to make this announcement.

Twitter has announced the inclusion of a new tool in their messaging app, that has a new button for websites to enable users to quickly send a Twitter DM direct from the page.

Get full details about this latest update here.

#9 The end of “Mobile Friendly” Label in Google Search Results

The end of "Mobile Friendly" Label in Google Search ResultsTwo years ago Google had introduced a mobile- friendly label to identify those pages that are perfectly mobile optimized but as today 85% of all pages in Google search results are well optimized for mobile.

So Google decided to remove this “Mobile- Friendly ” label from web pages.

Well no worries this announcement won’t harm your rankings in Google’s mobile search results.

#10 Garter and Forrester identify LoginRadius as the top Customer Identity and Access Management (cIAM) Vendor

Well certainly a great month for LoginRadius had passed away with the most amazing news that announces its inclusion in Top Customer Identity and Access Management vendors by leading research firms Gartner and Forrester.

Not only this, LoginRadius also received the label for top vendor in external consumer identity and access management space from leading technology watchdog weekly.

Undoubtedly this is an exciting milestone in the company history so read about this achievement of LoginRadius from here.

Along with this amazing announcement LoginRadius also made an astonishing release of Customer identity preference trends Q2 2016.

This detailed report incorporates all the statistics and analytics gathered from over 160,000 websites showing the choice of customers in terms of their social identities, their most prefered social network and their choice of device.

So get the full access of this Q2 report here and see how it helps you to make your life easier.

You’re welcome and let me know if I missed out anything major.



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