12 Office April Fools’ Pranks Worth Losing Your Job Over

Realistically, what are the chances that any of these will cost you your job?


Having fun at work is important! It helps build culture, boosts morale, reduces stress and breaks up the busy work day. With the added bonus of hilarity and laughter for all.

There is perhaps no better day of the year to have fun at work than April 1st. April Fool’s Day that is, loved by some, hated by many. Of course, that probably depends on which side of the prank you’re on.

It’s also the one day out of the year when people at work are a little edgier, suspicious, and skeptical. Over the years, the interwebs have proved that even though people know it’s coming, there are still many brilliant ways to prank your coworkers. You just need to figure out which prank and which person is the best to target for your hijinks.

You may already be aware of some of these, some may spark your drive to get someone good, but either way these are our favorites!

#1 – Stapler in Jello

Starting off pretty basic, but we are only getting warmed up. Come on, it never gets old! Made famous on The Office (goodness, 10 years ago), and perhaps the most original office prank ever, is the stapler in Jello.

All you need to do is borrow a co-worker’s stapler, or any other office supplies (pens, mouse, keyboard), take it home, place it in a Jello mould and let it sit overnight. The next morning, come to work a little early, and place the item back in your co-worker’s desk. Their reaction will be priceless, so make sure you have a camera ready!

The original hilarity:

#2 – The Airhorn

Another classic, but so good! It is the perfect prank to play on that “jumpy” person in the office. It’s like the new and improved whoopy-cushion. All you will need is an airhorn can, some duct tape, and a victim! You will be sure to get a great reaction. The best part is you can do this prank in a number of ways. You could sneak up on unsuspecting co-workers and lay on the horn, or you can be more devious by setting it up to go off when they sit down in their office chair:

Or when they open the door.

#3 – Post-it Note Office


Admittedly, this will take time, so you must be very dedicated to pull this one off. Have a co-worker who loves to use Post-it notes or is always scamming on your supply? Get them back by covering their entire office or cubicle with these colorful notes. It’s actually kind of nice…

#4 – Hasselhoffed!

This is my personal favorite. There is nothing like coming to the office only to see that you have been Hasselhoffed! Just look at that face.


OR you can give them a glimpse into hell.


Seriously consider how being ‘Beibered’ will affect your coworkers….just kidding. It doesn’t matter, let them suffer.

#5 – Gift Wrapped Cubicle

Have cubicles in your office? Why not show one of your co-workers how much you care…by wrapping up their work space. You will need a whole lot of gift wrap and tape to pull it off (obviously). Decide whether you want to gift wrap their entire cubicle, or all the contents of their office, or both.

#6 – Fake Snake

Pretty self explanatory. Hide a snake. Throw a snake. Launch a snake out of a desk drawer. You get the idea.

Guaranteed reaction akin to this:

#7 – Disappearing Ink Pen

Have someone in your office who is always taking your pens? Time to get that jerk back! (we’re kidding, everyone loves Barry…). The disappearing ink pen is a great, simple prank that you can play on anyone in the office. Just replace their pen with this pen and wait for their frustrations to emerge.

This one calls for patience, so don’t be lurking around like a creep. The ink will disappear, we promise.

#8 – Mouse Deactivation

Ever get that hulk rage when your mouse mysteriously stops working? Inflict this pain on your favorite coworker.


You can take the classic route by removing the mouse’s trackball, or you can be stealthier by placing a small piece of clear tape over the mouse’s laser tracker. Both options will work effectively. You will have your co workers calling IT for help in no time! Better yet, why not pull this prank on the techies in the IT department and see how long it takes them to figure it out!

#9 – The Missing Door

Again, dedication is key here as this is one of the most elaborate April Fools’ Day pranks you can pull. It will definitely take some time, proper planning, and the right set of circumstances. It’s the perfect prank to pull on a co-worker (or boss) returning from vacation, but you will need some handy people on your team to make it work. This is perhaps a prank that’s better to watch and learn from, than actually do.

Check it out:

#10 – Got Bacon?

No, we are not talking about Kevin Bacon, though he has been in the news lately (#SaveUsBacon). Perhaps not the best prank for the veggie in your office…though we won’t judge how sinister you choose to be.


#11 – Foiled Again!

An alternative to wrapping a co-worker’s office with gift wrap or Post-its, is to wrap your co-worker’s desk, keyboard, and mouse in aluminum foil. Expect cheesy puns though…

#12 – Refrigerator Alarm

Ellen Degeneres may very well be the Queen of the Practical Joke, and so naturally is a great inspiration to us—especially when it comes to the multi-person attack.

First, you need to choose a common area or commonly used thing around the office, like the fridge.

Our inspiration:

The End (or just the beginning?)

Well, that about sums it up, so we hope you’ve found your perfect prank! We will leave you with these gems, in honor of the 10 year anniversary of The Office earlier this week.

Now get scheming.

See a prank on our list you are thinking about trying? Have an even better prank that you want to share? Share your thoughts and ideas with us in the comments section!

Happy April Fool’s Day, everyone!

Brittany Hurlburt


Brittany is the Content Manager at LoginRadius, a rapidly-expanding Customer Identity Management provider. She graduated from MacEwan University and has lived in Vietnam and Washington D.C. She loves staying active but still enjoys a beer on a patio! Connect with her on LinkedIn or Twitter.

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