12 Social Media Slang Words You Should Probably Know [SlideShare]

Do you ever get that sinking feeling in your gut when you see terms, hashtags, or acronyms on social media and you have no clue what they could possibly mean? I’m talking, like, couldn’t even venture a guess?


It’s getting a little bit out of control in our opinion. It feels like just yesterday that we figured out #YOLO meant, and now we’re expected to keep up with what’s trending on every single social media network out there!?

It’s a lot for any one person to handle, and that’s why LoginRadius is here to help you, because social is what we know best.

On any given day you may find yourself shouting (at others or in your own mind), “kids these days! with their hashtags and their ‘cool-kid’ lingo…” and as you trail off you might just end up just feeling exceptionally old. Nobody needs to feel this way.


Hence why we created our shortest, fastest, and easiest to read Slideshare to date.

In it we cover 12 social media slang words that you should probably know by now, but if for whatever reason (zero judgement here), you don’t, we break them down for you.

We cover some basic ones to warm you up, like btw, b4, and b/c, and then dive right into deconstructing FOMO, WCW, MCM, and more.

And besides being full of useful hashtag and facebook phrase translations, it’s also a super quick (and clicky) read.

Share your favorite social media slang words in the comments below!


Leah Klingbeil


Leah is a Marketing Specialist at LoginRadius, the rapidly-expanding Customer Identity Management provider. She graduated from the University of Alberta with a Bachelor of Commerce degree and from NAIT with a Graphic Communications certificate. She loves art, local festivals and critiquing menu designs. Connect with her on LinkedIn or Twitter.