In Numbers: How Social Are the Top Networks?

Want to know where to focus your social media marketing efforts or looking for stats for your next presentation? Sit back and let Taylor Nelson, LoginRadius’ growth manager, crunch the numbers for you.

Every marketer knows they need to be on social media. Most also know businesses don’t really have a choice about being present on the ‘big four’: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.

But where should you focus your marketing efforts? How can you persuade your boss you need to throw a bit more muscle behind Twitter for one campaign, but beef up your Google+ effort for another?

Take a look at our comprehensive social platform statistics round-up and show the boss who you can reach on which platform and how.

Facebook StatisticsFacebook

The go-to social network for people to discuss what’s happened, share photos, videos and articles. Marketers use it to reach users with longer form content and to keep in touch.



60% of Facebook users are female and 40% are male (Kruse Control Inc) 67% of US internet users and 82% of UK users are on Facebook (Business Insider) 351 – the average number of minutes users spend on Facebook every month (AllThingsD) 87 million internet users from mainland China use Facebook, despite the Chinese government’s 2009 ban. (Business Insider) 100 million monthly active users in India (AllFacebook)

Industry Specific Stats

The best average post engagement rates are in the automotive, alcohol and airline industries (0.58, 0.48 and 0.39% respectively) followed by fashion, fast-moving consumer goods, finance, retail, electronics and telecom. (Socialbakers)

Avg post interactions by industry

Source: Socialbakers

30% of Americans read news stories via news feeds on Facebook, suggesting the social network drives people to media sites they may not otherwise have visited. (Mashable)

Device Stats

78% of US Facebook users are mobile. Its global mobile daily active user count increased 10.3% from 425 to 469 million in the first quarter of 2013. (TechCrunch)

Facebook is the most popular social media app on smartphones and attributes 66% of all social media sharing on iPhones. (Business Insider)

Engagement Stats

While videos only account for 3% of Facebook shares in total, they trigger the most engagement. (Quintly)

If a page gets more than 10,000 fans, engagement will steadily decline. (Socialbakers)

Hashtags are now used in 21% of Facebook posts (525% more than 2013) (Socialbakers)

65% of recruiters check candidates out on Facebook. (MediaBistro)

49% of users choose to login with Facebook when given a social login option.

Twitter StatisticsTwitter

The mobile platform that users go to to update friends and followers on what’s happening now, current events and the like. Marketers use Twitter to develop relationships with users,  get in on trending events and share content.


The fastest growing group of new users on Twitter are aged between 55 and 64 years old. (Kruse Control Inc)

60% of Twitter users are female, 40% are male (Kruse Control Inc)

19% of online adults use Twitter (PewInternet)

31% of Twitter users are between 18 and 29 years of age. (MarketingCharts)

At 35.5 million, China has the most Twitter users. (ExpandedRamblings)

18% of online women use Twitter, only 17% of online males. (PewInternet)

Industry Specific Stats

55% of recruiters check candidates out on Twitter. (MediaBistro)

Source: TechnologReview

Source: TechnologReview

Device Stats

60% of Twitter users access it on mobile devices (MarketingLand)

Twitter was meant to be a mobile platform (hence the 140 character tweets)

“Not surprisingly, users who primarily access Twitter via mobile are 47% less likely to use Twitter on the desktop than average Twitter users. They are also on Twitter more often. They are 79% more likely to be on Twitter several times a day than the average Twitter user.”  (Twitter)

Mobile Twitter Users

Source: Twitter

Primary Mobile Twitter Users

Source: Twitter

Engagement Stats
Twitter Content Influence

Source: Twitter

Tweets with a picture are 94% more likely to be retweeted (TwitterCounter)

Tweets with one or two hashtags have 21% higher engagement than those with three or more (TwitterCounter)

6% of users choose to login with Twitter when given a social login option.

Linkedin StatisticsLinkedIn

The site for professional networking, members use it to keep in touch with colleagues past and present while reaching out to possible future employers. Marketers use it to share industry-related content and learn more about their users.


55% of LinkedIn members are female and 45% are male (Kruse Control Inc)

54% of LinkedIn members are between 25 and 55 years old, with only 2% being under the age of 18 (GlobalRecruitingRoundTable)

65% of members have an annual salary of more than $100,000 (GlobalRecruitingRoundTable)

55% of members went to graduate school, 30% went to college (GlobalRecruitingRoundTable)

A break down of LinkedIn location demographics shows 15 million users reside in the United Kingdom.

Industry Specific Stats

LinkedIn is available in 20 languages. (Quantcast)

There are 3 million business pages. (Quantcast)

87% trust LinkedIn as a source of information for decision making. (PunchMedia)

50% of Fortune 100 companies hire through LinkedIn. (BlueRiseMedia)

Device Stats

LinkedIn had 38% of its unique visits from mobile in 2013, up from 8% in 2011. (TechCrunch)

CEO Jeff Weiner expects LinkedIn to have its “mobile moment” with more than 50% of visits from mobile in 2014. (TechCrunch)

Engagement Stats

Mashable’s LinkedIn company page records the highest engagement rates (Quantcast)

Lana Khavinson, senior product marketing manager at LinkedIn, noted that LinkedIn post likes have “lower volume, higher quality.” (BusinessInsider)

63% of professionals on LinkedIn have joined more than 10 groups. (Brafton)

57% of LinkedIn users said they spend more than two hours on the network every week. (Brafton)

LinkedIn users spend 2.13 minutes on each link they click, viewing 2.23 pages with each visit, and bouncing 51.28% of the time. (MarketingProfs)

3% of users choose to login with LinkedIn when given a social login option.

Google StatisticsGoogle+

Until now, marketers had been unsure of how to approach Google+, given its user figures don’t look as impressive at first sight. Savvy business owners are more than aware that this is the network to watch if you’ve got one eye on search engine results.

Google+ is mandatory when you create a new gmail account, so that increases the number of accounts drastically.

As of October 2013, Google+ had 540 million active users (Vlogg)


29% of Google+ users are female and 71% are male (Kruse Control Inc.)

The average Google+ user is 28 years old, actively posting and tech savvy (SocialMediaToday)

Just under 50% of users are under 24. (Mashable)

The network’s 45-54 age demographic has increased by 56% since 2012. (MediaBistro)

Industry Specific Stats

Google+ remains the second most actively used social network with 318.4 million active users in 31 markets. (Agile Impact)

Google+, like LinkedIn, tends to be used by professionals. Users often work in engineering, software and design industries, and are more interested in discussions and trends than looking at photos of dogs or kids. (Agileimpact)

6.6 million Google + users are located in America.

The number one activity on Google + is uploading and sharing photos. (Global Web Index)

1.5 billion photos are uploaded to Google + each week (Business2Community)

Britney Spears has the highest Google+ follower count with more than 8 million (Socialbakers)

Device Stats

Android is the most popular brand on Google + with more than 5.5 million followers. (Socialbakers)

26% of users who access social media sites with their mobile devices visit Google+. (Adobe)

56% of monthly active users access it through mobile. (WeAreSocial)

Engagement Stats

Google+ users, on average, spend more than three minutes diving into content on websites shared by connections in their circles (MarketingProfs)

The also visit 2.45 pages during each visit and bounce only 50.63% of the time. (MarketingProfs)

29% of users choose to login with Google+ when given a social login option.

Google Search Engine Optimization

Alex Wheeler, Starbuck’s vice president of global digital marketing, told The New York Times, “When we think about posting on Google+, we think about how does it relate to our search efforts.”

Starbucks has three million Google+ followers compared to its Facebook like count of 36 million.

The coffee chain “updates its Google+ page for the sake of good search placement, and takes advice from Google representatives on how to optimize Google+ content for the search engine,” reported The New York Times.

While The Economist’s senior director of audience Chandra Magee stated that journalists at The Economist take advantage of Google+ features like Hangouts, she also commented on how Google+ improves the brand’s SEO efforts.

“It also helps with our SEO strategy because our posts on Google+ actually show up in our search engine results,” she said.

Want to add a few stats or share your views on which social networks marketers should be targeting for which audience? Post your comments here and I’d be happy to get back to you.

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