LoginRadius partners with leading eCommerce platform X-Cart

We are committed to providing our customers with the best quality service and have been working closely with leading companies to ensure that we have access to best resources and expertise available. To further our goal, we are proud to announce LoginRadius’ partnership with the leading eCommerce platform X-Cart

X-Cart provides an e-Commerce platform to over 40,000 websites worldwide. This partnership helps us better understand the social media integration needs of our eCommerce customers (especially for X-Cart based sites) and allows us to ensure that our solutions meet X-Cart’s standards.

To incorporate our 5 solutions–Social Login, User Profile Data capturing, Social Sharing, Social Analytics, and Single Sign-on–we have developed the LoginRadius plugin “Social Login for X-Cart“. You can see it in action here, or you can directly download it here. To learn more about our X-Cart plugin, please check out our plugin page.

We are excited to deliver social login, social sharing and user profile data to X-Cart based eCommerce sites!

Team LoginRadius


LoginRadius is a Software As A Service (SAAS) which enables social login through providers such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, and 25 others, on a third party website. LoginRadius was built on two key principals that underlies all of our work: first, to eliminate the registration process from the point of view of an end-user, allowing users to log in without creating another username and password, and second, to allow website owners to add OpenIDs/oAuths on their websites without knowledge of advanced programming and without the need to research APIs for individual ID providers. LoginRadius successfully meets these goals and also functions independently of technological platform, i.e. it works everywhere!

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